Language Training for Young Children

  • Early language acquisition skills 
  • Phonics and English language fundamentals 
  • Encouragement of active learning through Play & Learn methodology 
  • Engaging storytelling and poems 
  • Individual attention to each child's learning capacity and style 
  • Enhancement of cognitive, academic and communication abilities 

Jump Start Academic Learning for Your Kids

  • Functional Language is a pre-requisite for Academic learning 
  • GEC's functional language course prepares students for school 
  • Phonics and Early Reading transition to this more advanced program
  • Special attention is given to commununicive skills
  • Comprehensive homework assignments and regular tests for understanding 
  • Parental involvement encouraged through weekly sessions 

About us

Help Your Little Ones with Math, Science and Social Studies

Our Functional Language Program is tailored for success from the kindergarten to grade 2. Aligned with the Common Core standards for Language Arts, and CEFR for general language skills, the curriculum includes practice with spoken, written output skills as well as with reading, listening and basic grammar. Regular homework assignments and tests ensure your child's understanding and progress, and we encourage parental involvement through our weekly sessions, allowing you to be a part of your child's academic journey.

Kinder Through 2nd Grade Language Training

Break into the world of language with our unique English Language Training Course specifically designed for young learners. Our program blends a comprehensive curriculum with creative methodologies ensuring a fun-filled learning environment, focusing on phonics, engaging storytelling, and active play. We pay individual attention to each child, nurturing their academic and cognitive abilities while improving communication skills.