The Goal of Global English Campus


  • an online AI based learning system to quickly identify what students can and cannot do in relation to Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening competencies from Beginner level (A1) to High School level English proficiency (B1 or B2—on the CEFR scales).
  • ...has adapative and sequential learning strategies to constantly assess and assist students towards a higher level of English Skills, but with fun interactive online lesson and problem formats.
  • ...has thousands of lessons and problems, which each present in four levels of English difficulty (A1, A2, B1 and B2) and depending on a student’s needs, each problem is delivered in one of the four skills (Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening), to ensure students practise and use the skills they need most.

Global English Campus has one laser focused goal.
The entire purpose of our existance is to get students the language skills they need to study ALL ENGLISH ACADEMICS at their grade and age level. Give us a student in Second Grade, for example, and they will be capable of ALL ENGLISH ACADEMICS by the time they reach Grade 4.

"The GEC technical platform is great, and they provide a huge library of rich content for all ages and language levels, but GEC's teams are always available to help with customization whenever we need it."
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"I've been taking online classes with a teacher, and some other students my age. The teacher is really good, and the lessons are very interesting. It is not boring, like I thought it would be."
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"GEC has everything that a teacher needs to make my job easy and effective. The content is so rich and it is all coordinated, so I don't have to assemble lesson materials, and the reporting is just amazing."
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GEC's English for Academic Success Ecosystem

  1. English training for academic purposes (*CLIL)
  2. Programs from Kinder through high school
  3. High School Dual Diploma Programs
  4. Oversea's University (councelling and admission support)
  5. Test preparation based on CEFR levels
  6. Advanced AI and adaptive learning systems
  7. Focus on essay writing using Academic Topics
  8. Engagement with gamification and social networking tools
  9. Animated and lecture video support

*Content and Language Integrated Learning - (Learning English across all academic subjects.)

Kinder Through 2nd Grade

At this young age children learn English much more easily, so starting early is best. Kinder students do self-study through gamification, and other fun approaches to learning English on touch-screen devises. For class directed learning or managed study with parents or teachers on hand, printed worksheets aligned to online exercises are useful too. In this way GEC 'curriculum & student services' support diverse models of blended learning tailored to any teacher’s or school’s needs.

Elementary Learning (3rd Through 6th Grade)

As students grow older, they can handle more academically challenging curriculum. GEC integrates deeper conceptual learning and motivational techniques through gamification with a points system, rewards, healthy competition and online challenges. Constant feedback and advancement through GEC’s AI technologies helps turn young students into self-directed learners.

Middle School (7th Through 9th Grade)

Since Middle School students have well developed cognitive skills, GEC blends language training with academic topics that mirror the student’s academic focus for their specific grade and age. Auto-adaptivity of 'lesson text difficulty levels' and online problems, as well as the “types” of problems the students face (Speaking, Writing, Reading or Listening), persestantly nudges the students to higher proficiency across all the skill areas.

US Dual High School Diploma Program

In order to enter an ‘All English’ High School Dual Diploma Program, students need high functioning English skills. GEC prepares students for academic English in advance of entering rigorous courses, to familiarize them with the context of High School level courses and the academic context of such. Each course in the DPP is supported by the curriculum being available in four levels of English difficulty, with support problems to ensure deep comprehension and use of English at that age and course level.

US University Placement Options

In order to assist students contemplating an International University experience as a future component of their education, GEC provides both the US Dual Diploma Program along with careful academic counseling to help parents and students know how to properly select a university that will best fit their financial, cultural, and academic goals. GEC’s academic counselors assist the student in every phase of application, right through to visa acquisition and travel arrangements. Students are met at the airport and fully cared for on the host country end.

Teacher Training and Professional Development

The teacher demographics that function under GEC’s sphere range from English teachers to academic teachers who are both (1) native English speakers and (2) local teachers who live and work in various non-English speaking lands. Through GEC and GEC’s partners, we provide both (a) ongoing training and support as well as (b) professional development opportunities for any teachers associated with our programs.

This training addresses the specific course delivery models the teacher faces, whether it be a blended model with a live online native English teacher with a corresponding in-class Learning Coach or the in-class Local Teacher teaching the online (or printed lessons) GEC curriculum.

Language Testing on CEFR

Language testing involves three areas of consideration:

  • First students need a language placement test to quickly and accurately assess a student’s current language level.
  • Second, GEC provides an online training system that moves students to the next level.
  • Third, GEC Provides a level test to confirm that new language levels have been achieved. GEC’s system intelligently combines all three needs that is comfortable both for teachers and for students alike.

Study Abroad / Travel Abroad

Studying a second language in a first language environment is highely recommended and made possible by GEC’s Study Abroad arm. GEC provides study abroad and travel abroad opportunities, accompanied by online preparatory English courses to meet the needs of the short term excursion. Venues include East and West coast of America, University dorm accomodations or homestay hosting. We have programs in other western countries as well.

GEC’s curriculum and technology teams support our partners in unique ways. The ‘One Size Fits All’ approach to partner services is not necessary when partner specific customization can occur, and that is just what GEC offers. Due to GEC’s development posture and our technological tools, GEC can prepare customized curriculum or delivery models quickly and be more sensitive to the particular needs of our partners in that way.

This implies that GEC offers its own curriculum tailored to a Partner’s needs or develops a Partner’s curriculum in the GEC-curriculum format, transformating the Partner’s textbooks into online interactive lessons and problems in the 'GEC specialized' four levels of English difficulty, and ensuring that all problems exist in Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading formats.


Schools have to satisfy parents, teachers and students, which is not always an easy job to do. With GEC and the support services we provide, our Partner schools have more tools available to help them keep all stakeholders satisfied and informed. Reports, notifications, worksheets, tests and more are all prepared and automated to make the learning and teaching experience a pleasure. Administrator reports and tools make management easier as well. GEC supports an Administrative hierarchy whereby a Partner can see their school clients under a District, School, Teacher, and Student structure.


In language training environments, teachers are often left to search for programs elements that do not always match, and are required to develop auxiliary learning assets, worksheets, activities and games all on their own in order to make the classroom experience positive and effective. GEC provides all the curriculum and delivery assets in a coordinated learning program which teachers love. Making your job easier makes the learning experience more efficacious and positive for all. see curric - test paragraph


There are so many education programs available to parents, it can be hard to identify the quality systems that will deliver the proficiency levels students need in order to succeed. GEC’s quality curriculum, advanced education opportunities, and premier education partners give parents confidence that their students are in a program that will help them to excel. GEC’s detailed reporting tools give both Parents and Students real-time evaluation updates as well.

If your child is on a Language Training program, it may be hard to assess their progress against a standard. GEC's testing program allows you to check your student's progress. Sign up today for a quarterly test bundle (4 anuual tests) for your child.

GEC CEO, CTO & FOUNDER / Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers has been working with families and students, preparing them for academic English in readiness to go abroad at high school age and beyond. Mr. Rogers has done post graduate work in medicine and physics, and has an extensive background in technology, systems architecture and development. Apart from his 13 year history in the language training field, Mr. Rogers heads up the technology, pedagogy, curriculum and delivery side of development and management for GEC.


Current Position

  • Director, JAAC : Japan-America Academic Center
  • Executive Director, Educatius-Japan
  • COO, IEI Foundation, a U.S. government certified non-profit corporation

Main Career

  • Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • B.A. in Sociology, Missouri State University, USA
  • After graduating from the University - worked for the Department of Commerce of the State of Missouri
  • 1987 - Founding Director, JAAC Japan-America Academic Center
  • 1990 - Representative, JAAC Japan-America Academic Center
    U.S. Headquarters (University of California, Irvine)
  • 2005 - Returned to Japan as Japan Representative for the University of California Extension Consortium


JAAC is an investor in and strategic partner of GEC. Mr. Takase is the Director of GEC operations in Japan.

GEC Teacher Services Specialist / Bruce A. Veldhuisen

Bruce Veldhuisen, has been operating post secondary Teacher Training for over three decades on five continents.  He is currently Director at Paris University of International Education.  He holds a PhD in Education and an MBA.

GEC Curriculum Team Specialist / Andrew Reniers

Andrew has been managing the curriuclum development teams for GEC and for more than 5 years, and has a deep background in both teaching and in writing academic materials. Andrew has held content development and editorial contracts with Government agencies in Korea prior to joining GEC, and has been involved with L2 language training for over a decade.

Andrew's strong organizational skills and people management capabilities makes him a key coordinator both of development teams and when custom corpus scheduling, scoping and sequencing of GEC course and lesson content is required to fit the needs of GEC customers.

Andrew also contributes to the design of GEC course and lesson structures, and to the aesthetic appeal both of GEC's proprietary courses and custom courses we develop for special clients. He is in constant development communication with GEC's technology teams to iron out and innovate better systems and tools in GEC's digital lesson authoring environment, and with regard digital lesson delivery mechanisms for the GEC LMS.

GEC Technology Teams Director / Sanjok Dangol

Sanjok has a deep set of both technology and team management skills. He has been the chief data base architect and manages both the front end and back end teams for GEC. Sanjok has a fundamental understanding of GEC systems and technologies, and he is a key member for any tech customization or intergration requirements.

GEC Content & Delivery Specialist / Eddy Lawson


Madie is an American educator based in Thailand with over ten years of teaching experience. She holds a bachelor's degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Leadership in Education. Her teaching experience extends across all ages, preschool to adult, and she also has a strong background in curriculum design, learning pedagogy, client relations and onboarding as well as general business management.

Madie has been supporting the development and delivery of GEC programs for the past three years. She is a constant contributor when bridging between different divisions of GEC in order to best support clients as they deploy GEC education services in the field.


After graduating from university, Hang stayed to work as a lecturer at the University of Foreign Languages ​​- Hanoi National University.

In 2009, she founded the English Innovation Center. This is where she continues to pursue her passion for education. With ongoing enthusiasm, she and her colleagues organize courses to improve English skills for the community and preparation courses for international certification exams such as TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL.

In 2011, Hang received a Master's degree in English Language and in 2012 she completed a master's degree program in Educational Management at the University of Education - Hanoi National University.

After that, she moved to work at the "National Foreign Language Project" under the Ministry of Education and Training (Ministry of Education and Training). During her time working here, Hang managed a number of National Level Government Programs for English in Vietnam.

  • She was in charge of the project "Foreign Language Learning Community" deployed at universities in the national education system. The goal of the project is to improve English proficiency for university students, college students and other subjects. 
  • She was also in charge of testing and assessment of foreign language subjects in high schools. 
  • Besides, she is also responsible for managing the application of information technology in teaching and learning foreign languages.

From the beginning of 2017 until now, with the shift of new trends, Hang's passion has reached further. She began pursuing the field of Online Education (E-learning) as an Asia Regional Specialist at Franklin High School / Franklin Training Center based in Florida, USA.

And up to now, with the desire to contribute to Vietnam's education, online training platform systems along with a modern form of online training management (Online Program Management) in the world, Hang has been Cooperating with many American partners and partners in Canada, Australia, India, Singapore... as well as with educational experts around the world. Contributing to changing the face of Vietnam's education system to rival the best modern education standard in the world is Hang's dream, and she wishes to play her small part in it. 
Leading to the world !


Perry Tkachuk is the co-founder of GEC. He is a Canadian educator living in Thailand. Tkachuk has over 40 years of international education experience, ranging from executive university administrative positions, and university, high school, and English Language School teaching. He designed many types of bridge programs for thousands of students to begin their studies in their home country and end in US high schools and universities. For the past 20 years, Tkachuk has been in the EdTech sector, setting up distribution networks for Distance Education degrees, online High School Dual Diploma programs and online English courses. Tkachuk considers GEC as his most important contribution to international education, for there are presently no (or very limited) programs for students to become proficient at academic English—especially writing and speaking.